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Before the holidays, I wrote a number of firearms manufacturers to get brochures and material to hand out in my classes to people. Every company I wrote to sent me something, but I was pleasantly surprised today.

Springfield Armory had sent a box full of goodies to hand out in class, including t-shirts, patches, pens, hats, and various other goods including a fabric banner and a neat metal sign. I thought this was really great, and my next class I will be handing some cool stuff out!

Oh wow!!! you will get a lot of goodwill from your students and they will appreciate your classes and you got word of mouth free advertisements from them too...Way to go....
Good for you! Nothing ventured, nothing gained. It's good to see that the budgets of some companies still allow for promotions. I know from experience that the car companies started cutting those perks out a couple years back. The firearms manufacturers seem to understand marketplaces a bit better.
When I have more time and am not so lazy I will give a personal account my experience with Springfield Amory customer service.
I have their EMP in .40. That gun is really special.
Their customer service is so good that it makes me want to but another one of their guns just because of their customer service!

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