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I received an e-mail from a friend showing a product called the back up. I found it kind of interesting, let me know what you think. in your search engine and go down to the u-tube video. If someone knows how to put a direct link to it on here it would be greatly appreciated.

HK4U..I think that I am going to order one. I will let you know after it comes in.
Im affraid the grandkids would use it like the side rails of my 4 by4. I like the gun rack on my head board.
I like this. I've always believed that a pump shotgun is a superior weapon for home defense, but putting it under the bed adds a couple of seconds to the time it takes you to get to it. At least with this gadget, that is not an issue.
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I think that someone here posted a similar device they themselves had made a while back. You could probably make something like this out of wood and some hooks for less than $10 and it would be custom built for your bed and gun. It could even have rubber-coated hooks, and room for a flashlight.

Kudos to someone for deciding to make this and selling it to a lot of people who might not have otherwise had one though.

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