The Audit Proves We Were Right All Along


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The Audit Proves We Were Right All Along

COMMON SENSE: A few days after the 2020 Presidential Election, it appeared obvious to many of us that Joe Biden’s victory was contrived instead of earned. As the weeks and months passed, our convictions about what happened solidified. We became convinced that what we believed was true, and we stated our position repeatedly. Because we refused to go along with the media’s narrative that everything about Biden’s victory was Kosher, we were castigated and mocked for believing in “Trump’s lies” and nonsensical conspiracies. At times, it was quite unpleasant.

Now, with the scientific, replicate-able forensic audit of Maricopa County, Arizona, having been completed, it has become clear to anybody willing to examine the evidence that we were correct. The state of Arizona was won by President Trump. Nevertheless, it was awarded to Joe Biden fraudulently. The results of the audit vindicate those of us who maintained this position all along.

Now that the truth has been revealed, we do not seek revenge or an apology. What we want, what we demand, is a reckoning. We will settle for nothing less, but will this happen? Many wonder?

Not according to Arizona’s Governor, Doug Ducey, it won’t. He has stated that he will not decertify the results of the 2020 Presidential Election. Instead, he is perfectly willing to allow the most serious criminal conspiracy in American history to stand. According to Ducey, with all the wisdom of a punctilious Sophist, he cannot decertify the election because the law will not allow it but, according to him, it is perfectly acceptable for the voters in Arizona and the rest of the nation to be robbed of their choice for President. Apparently, his position is that validating this massive injustice is preferable to taking a stand for righteousness. What a colossal coward Ducey must be.

In his monumental arrogance, he believes that he can take this position and not be challenged, but he’s wrong. Just because he has spoken doesn’t settle the matter—far from it. We, the American people, will not allow what happened in Arizona to stand, just like we will not allow what happened in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, or Wisconsin to stand either.

People like me aren’t the problem. Corrupt politicians are. We didn’t start this. We followed the rules; they didn’t. Now, regardless of what is required or how long it takes, we are going to rectify the results of this massive miscarriage of justice. We have been robbed of our vote. That’s precisely what has happened, and anybody with a brain knows it. That’s not okay. We will not stand for it.


We have been robbed of our vote. That’s precisely what has happened, and anybody with a brain knows it. That’s not okay. We will not stand for it.
It's not okay, but there is nothing that you can do to change it. They're in total control of everything and that means that there will never be another election that they can't control. Like it or not, accept it or not, they will never again lose their power, and anybody with a brain knows that.


This next election cycle will be nuts
Be assured that with America’s Deep State and the global Deep State bringing about the demise of America, by the time the next election cycle comes around an election will be the least of anyone's concern.

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