The Army's New Handgun


Active member has announced that the Army has selected the Sig Sauer P230 as the pistol to replace the Beretta M9. The weapon is supposed to be able to be adjusted to fire 9mm, .357Sig, and .40SGW ammunition.

Here It Is: Your New Army Handgun - Kit Up!


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The USMC will probably stick with the 45ACP by Springfield.

Many Marines have already gone back to it already.


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Lot to catch up on. Good luck!
Unfortunately not as much as I would like. It seems that a handful of members have made it their mission to run most of the other people off of these forums by posting nonsense. I can only hope that my return will enable other people to resume discussions on this forum. Whether these people are old members returning or new people entirely is not that important


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Nah, no one has a mission to run anyone off the forum. Everyone has the right to post on here but don't expect everyone to agree about every subject. That is the fun of being on here. Some who have left seem to have done so because they couldn't drive off others with their vitriol and caustic remarks. If any expect complete agreement by others on any subject, this is the wrong place to be.

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