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I was watching CourtTV today while I was at home waiting on a powder shipment.... aaa I mean sick... (cough cough) when they started talking about the DC gun ban. The anchor lady admits that she is anti gun and for gun control then starts an interview with a lady that was against the ban. Well, I will not get into all the miss info and stats that poured out of her mouth but there was one thing that left me speechless. The anchor lady big argument was that the percentage of killing with a firearm in the US was way to high. Then said "look at London, were stringent gun control is enforced, the percentage of deaths with firearms is drastically less then in DC." Well, after the anchor lady shut her trap and finally let the other woman speak she replied with something along the lines "I can not comment on the percentages but since England has placed the gun ban all violent crimes including killings has gone way up..." The anchor lady cuts her off and say, "Right but the percentage of those violent crimes and killing done with a gun is a lot less then in the US"

OK..... Soooooooo it doesn't matter twice as many people are violently assaulted and/or killed as long as the percentage of a gun being involved is lower????

I really wish the lady being interviewed would have just said, "You're right they really need to ban the private ownership of firearms here in DC that would fix everything.... Oh wait..... "

Ok sorry vent session is over!

I usually end up yelling at the TV when those kinds of reports are going on . . . obviously don't care about the truth, only their agenda.
Yet there are still gun related problems in London. The rest of the violence has just turned jack ripper style, its still there. Yet in England there is a good chance you may go to jail if you try to defend yourself on your own property. ARG. I just spent an hour today listening to student debates over the 2nd amendment. Its almost not worth argueing with them. They will never listen. I had to laugh, however. One of the students made a comment that people should be wise enough to run and hide from shooters on campus, and let the police take care of it. He made a comment something like, "I would know if a person with a gun was even remotely near me and would run the opposite direction". A few of us had to smirk as we were all legally armed students politely standing 20 feet from the man here in Utah. I almost spoke up on his cat like skill at sensing guns, but I figured silence is sometimes the better option. These people annoy me, but all I can do is promote gun safety and proper action. I just hope SCOTUS is smart enough to not let these stupid arguments get into their heads.
I am sure the antis would be perfectly satisfied if criminals were beating each other to death with clubs, as long as no one had a gun. The fact that someone was killed or robbed is irrelevant. I am sure it would be ok for these people to have armed body guards, but no one else must have a gun. Some people just aren't very smart. :(
yes crimes and murders are ok as long as they are not commited with a gun. what is wrong with these people???
what is wrong?

yes crimes and murders are ok as long as they are not commited with a gun. what is wrong with these people???

Well they are either complete idiots or their agenda for this country requires the disarming of America. Or Both.

Today the path of total dictatorship in the United States can be laid by strictly legal means, unseen and unheard by the Congress, the President, or the people. Outwardly we have a Constitutional government. We have operating within our government and political system, another body representing another form of government - a bureaucratic elite."
Senator William Jenner, 1954
I don't know why but on this one topic ingnorant SOB's feel quite comfortable talking out their backsides with no facts to line up to defend their position.

They constantly offer false or misleading info with no care in the world. They are so obviously ignorant of the truth however they are very arrogant about their position. I have said it a million times ignorance and arrogance is a bad combination. I just don't know how they can act so holier than thou and completely ignore inconvenient facts like states with concealed carry are less not more violent than those with stict gun control laws how about that little fact? No amount of reasoning will over come thier irrational fear of the gun. The gun is responsible for all our ills it would seem. What a load of manuer.

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