The 2nd ammendment and our hypocrisy


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I cruise through the forumns as I have for some time now. I can't help but to see the sometimes obvious, and more so, subtle undertone of gun control emanating from most of the users here. I cannot understand how a user here can quote the 2nd ammendment over and over again and in the same breath, preach gun contol for say, felons and what not. Believe it or not guys, the VAST majority of so called "felons" and/or "criminals are people like you and me that deserve to protect their family and property like the rest of us. Nowadays, (this might come as a surprise to many) getting a felony on ones record is as easy as catching a cold. For example, a bar fight can easily label someone a felon even though there punishment was probation. Again, a man with say, three drunk drivings over a 30 year period can put someone in the position of being labelled a felon. Taking back ones property from an acquantance like say a lawn mower without the express permission of the possesor can be a felony. Calling your wife a bitch in the heat of an argument can also warrant ones guns to be confiscated "indefinatley" without judge or jury.

What my point is. Is there is only an EXTREMELY small percentage of true felons or habitual offenders when compared to felony offenders as a whole. And yes friends, when their debt to society is paid, they too deserve to protect there children and property.

Amendment 2:
A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the
right of the people to keep(Posess) and bear(carry) Arms, shall not be infringed.

Anything short of that, and you too are a part of the problem with gun control in the first place. When one begins to try to punch holes in this ammendment and sidestep it in even the slightest way, it opens the door the masses incorporating exceptions to this ammendment. Like say, "felons" and they're offspring are a lesser form of human being and don't deserve the same rights. What about when the time comes (and it will) when publicly displaying your opinion like this becomes a felony. Will you guys through down your weapons out of respect for the same laws you created and/or supported? We will see....

I understand that my point of view may not be very popular. When most people think of felons the first thing that comes to mind is a crack pipe smoking, car theiving vagrant comes to mind. Well my friends, stop watching the TV or do some investigating of your own. That is not even remotley the case. Felons are portrayed in this manner in order to further the agenda of relinquishing rights. When the TV portrays "felons" as people of criminality, we support the relinquishing of their rights. Not realizing that as the laws get stricter, we're tightening the noose around our own necks and furthering the agenda to take away the rights of gun toting, law abiding citizens everywhere. And I won't be surprised if I get at least one reply from someone who has been a victim of a habitual offender and use that as a reason to justify gun control. Don't waste your time friend, had you been armed, you'da had a fighting chance. In fact if everyone was armed. Crimes involving victims would shoot up for a breif period of course, but then level out to a point of unheared of lows as people got "acclimated" to the fact that everyone is armed and no one is a victim.

I won't even begin in mentioning the fact that further infringment of our rights have been obtained by now destryoing our gun rights for infractions of certain misdemeanors.

Wake up guys, the direction that the government is taking to destroy your rights are obvious. And many of you are supporting it unknowingly.. You all must look at the big picture... Or you too risk being labelled a type of citizen that deserves your rights to be relinquished...

All the goods news you see about "right to carry" news on this site is irrelevant when America is taking away the access to arms in the first place. We're fighting a losing battle and even worse yet, only fighting amongst ourselves.


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I do see your point to a degree. There are so many laws, federal, state and local on the books that the likelyhood that most of us have broke one or more of them from time to time is pretty good. In a society like we now find ourselvevs in anyone of us could become a felon.


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I also see your point, and you are correct about the Felon aspect. You have made some very good points, However--I must Disagree with one statement you have made. WE Are Not Losing The Battle!! Noone can argue that The Brady Bunch and Their Platform have taken some Hit's over the past years, They will even testify to that. Numerous States have made serious advances in the 2nd Amend Right's. Yes, it is true that the upcoming years ( With a Change in the Guard--so to speak ), will be difficult. Now is the time for Pro Gun people to refrain from sitting Idle, voice their opinion, and stay informed of the legislation going on. Again---We are Not Losing--You are only Defeated, when you accept Defeat----The Battle is an uphill Battle, But at least We are still climbing that Hill.


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Federal Gun Laws

Aside from the infringements by federal and local governments on our gun rights, I don't know much. Nor do anything about petitioning for change nor do I know of any organizations that are pushing for no gun control. Do you? Like I addressed earlier. Even the most staunch anti gun control advocates out there don't support putting guns in the hands of ALL people like I feel it should be, as written in the constitution.

It's not a popular subject at all. Most people do not support a measure such as that... I feel that's a big problem in our goal of protecting our gun rights and sovereignty. Nobody wants to accept the negative reaction it may have on society for awhile. People will support gun control even if it means relinquishing freedoms for that reason alone. And that's what angers me. Sometimes there are neccessary evils in life we must accept for the greater good..


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mcnittc---as I stated in my earlier responce--You have brought up some good points, and Yes you have a good point about labeling people. The Second Amendment does not State anything regarding WHO or What Class of people deserve this Right---It does State "The People" ( I would read that as meaning---All Of Us ). Regardless of the wording of the 2nd, there will always be guidelines----guidelines Set to determine who can posses firearms----examples---Felons, people who suffer from Mental disorders Etc. I do see your point---"The Right Of The People", it does not say anything about people Qualifying for that Right. Are these guidelines neccesary? That's a debate that can go on forever. You are correct in saying the 2nd gives "The People"--not just the chosen-this right. I do not disagree with your take of the 2nd---I do disagree with your statement that we are losing.


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You're dog goned skippy.This goes hand in hand with something I stated before in this forum regarding the D.C vs. Heller case(by the way,has anybody heard anything about that lately?).I hope the SCOTUS does see clearly and use the sense that God gave them and decide that the Second Ammendment does mean the right belongs th the people.But if they don't,it won't be any less true.As I said before,something being a law does not make it right or wrong.If they make a law that says that the military can come in your house when they want to,rape your daugher,kill you,and take your son for forced military service,will it be right simply because it is a law?NO!

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The 2A should mean what it says. Gun laws only work for law-abiding people,not criminals.

BTW, I heard that we may hear from SCOTUS tomorrow morning sometime.

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