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I live on a ground floor of apartment style condo. I often talk with the people above me by walking out on the sidewalk when they are on the patio. I also live in an open carry state.

I was talking with my neighbor when 3 boys rush out of the back door with toy guns and run in another direction. I watch them (each one had their finger on the trigger!) run away, after while another boy emerges and asked if I saw other boys run out. I point and say they ran that way. The kids stops in his tracks and states "You have a gun. What are you?" My response was "A person." He then asked if I was a cop, and said I was not. He asked if was illegal. I informed him that anyone can open carry, to which he replied, ok. He then ran on with his toy gun.

Just his reaction on seeing my sidearm, a dead stop and eyes on the firearm. The kid is probably around 10 or so.

Yup, that's what a majority of kids are taught today. Anyone with a gun is either a cop or a criminal...
The cop or criminal thing is a direct result of their exposure to TV. It would be great if the parents got the kids involved in the shooting sports and away from the TV-sitter.
Open carry in the house all the time. The kids know it's legal for me to do so. My son has his own 22 rifle (mine until he comes of age)... My daughter shoots with me also.. The know it's the right of every American citizen to choose...
I am the carry in the house and my backyard. I want to be prepared to shoot when the j**ka** utility marker go over my fence because it is his opinion that he can.
I think it was a normal response for a 10 year who see an adult with a gun. Kids by nature are curious!!

Made an excellent point, Parents need to educate thier children. If more parents took the time to properly
educate children about firearms, There would be allot less Accidental shootings. You always here the story after it happens, a child found thier mom's,or dad's handgun thought it was a toy, and either shot an friend, or themselves. most of these situations could be avoided. If more parents teach kids do's, and dont's pertaining to firarms. Good point you made walt629
I don't know what my grandkids say when I'm not around but they're totally used to their fathers and myself being armed. Although I usually leave my carry gun in my vehicle when I'm visiting, they know I holster it when we go outside.

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