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Hey...! Just finishing up a week's vacation in South Carolina, and spent a good bit of the time meeting with our builder and starting the snowball rolling. Wanted to take the opportunity to thank all'a you South Carolina guys for your tremendous graciousness and hospitality again. Here in the Upstate, at least, I have yet to have any shadow of an unhappy encounter with anyone. It continually reinforces our reasons for choosing SC as our next place to be. Rented a small house on Lake Hartwell for the week and had a lovely visit...except maybe for the baby scorpion we found. Looking forward to breaking ground - maybe in the Spring if the house in NJ sells - and starting the hunt for a job.

Thanks for a Great State, folks!

Hello, and Welcome to SC.. Its a great state to live in, I live about 20mim from the shore,, and have a lot of family in the upstate area, Welcome take care, be safe.......................
Outside of Liberty. We bought property on Rte 88 (Old Greenville Hwy.). Really looking forward to making it happen, but we're stuck waiting for this house to sell before we can pull the trigger on those plans. Also, I'm probably going to need something in the way of a job. Know of anything?
Nope, I work for myself and have been almost unemployed for the last 6 months.... but don't panic... you are right in the middle between Greenville and Anderson/Clemson. There are jobs out there for folks that are willing to work. Easely area is where I would put most of my efforts.

Nice area over there, but I hope the culture shock doesn't hit you too hard.
No Panic...and no culture shock. Not for me, at least. Maybe for my Lovely Bride, a bit. She's a Nurse, so I don't believe she'll have any problems with work...that whole area seems to be exploding in the medical field. My background is in cars and motorcycles, though, and that might be a problem. We'll see...I have pretty good credentials and decent recommendations, so I'm hopeful I can find something with one of the brands I have history with: MINI, Audi, Harley Davidson, GM...something should be available, even if I have to take a coupl'a steps back. I'm pretty flexible, too, so we'll see. Remaining optimistic for now.
Welcome to SC. Originally from NJ myself, I made the move to SE SC over 30 years ago and have never regretted it. Now if I could only get used to this heat.

Thank you, thank you, one and all. I appreciate the welcome and hospitality. We're really looking forward to making the change. Gotta wait for that clock to tick, though.

trrogers24, I know about the HD Dealerships, as well as Spartanburgh. We'll be closest to Timms, but from what I've seen I like Greenville best. A very good Friend of mine - another NJ Refugee - works at the parts counter for H-DoG. Joel. If you get in there, tell him I said 'Hello'. We just saw him last week for lunch at the Quaker Steak & Lube right next door. He's a World Class great guy and a kickass rider!

One day I'll see you guys on the road. Or at the Range!
We were fortunate to be transferred to SC from NY 10 years ago. Our plan was to retire to SC so getting an all expense paid move was a dream come true. They paid for everything from broker fees for the old house to moving fees and even paid all closing costs for the new house including an inspection. Then things got even better! My Co. was sold to an outfit from Ct. in 2007 and I got my walking papers effective 12/31/07. Since I had over 27 years with the old Co i was entitled to 6 months of severance pay. I turned 64 in March of 08 and started collecting Social Security and am now very happy in my retirement. SC is the best!!
I moved to the Old North State from NY 23 years ago, and love it here in the south. Though I have family in the Empire State, I haven't lost a thing up there! Haven't been back there in 13 years because I can't take my my best friend, Glock!!!
I got 'transfered' here to S.C. June 21st of 1957.... kind of been stuck here ever since.

But then have only lived in Greenville for just under 30 years...

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