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I am looking for a 9mm for a range gun. I was at my local dealer today and they have some of the S&W Sigma 9mm. This will not be a carry gun but just something to take to the range for some cheap shooting, and the fact I do not have a 9mm at this point. It seems like a simple gun to use and to care for; the grip is a bit big for my hand but not to bad. I can get it for $269.00 + tax with a $50.00 rebate and 2 clips. Has anyone had any experience with this gun? Any help would be appreciated.

S&W Sigma

They are OK. Good to shoot and cheap enough. 9mm is dirt cheap to shoot and with the right loads you may find yourself carrying it from time to time.
I often weigh the value of a gun before I carry it in a harsh environment.
Yes I agree, I have a 40 and 45 as carry guns with a kel-tec bug, just need something to shoot that will not kill the back acount
My friend has one and it is just ok. He has never really had a problem with it but he said i is not as great as he thought it would be. I am not sure what you are looking to spend but i have a ruger p95 that i am in love with. They are normally around 280 to 300. I have had it over a year and never had any problems with it. Just wanted to let you know. Hope this is somewhat helpful.
I had a SW9VE for a few months and never really cared for it. I didn't shoot it well(my fault, mostly) but it was a reliable gun. I sold it to a friend that is perfectly happy with it. The only real knock against it is the heavy trigger pull. If you shoot DA revolvers much, you probably won't mind the trigger.
Thanks for all the help, I may rethink this. My son just got a Sig I may look into it. Use for about ths same price. But the Sig is a mush better gun.
I didn't like mine

I had the Sigma in 40 S&W for about 3 weeks. Then I traded it in on a Springfield XD and now I'm much happier. The trigger pull was atrocious. I tried a lighter spring in it from Wolf, which helped quite a bit, but since it was supposed to be a backup gun I decided I didn't want to carry it modified for legal reasons.

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