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I just wanted to say before We (well, some of us) vote tomorrow, a THANK YOU to ALL our Military out there who defend this great Country of ours and God bless them for everything they have been through whether it's been with past Presidents or our now existing President. We all hope things turn out for the "better" with the next person in office. Whether You're for it or not You still need to say......"THANK YOU".

Thank you

I have to agree. I salute and thank all currently serving military personnel and all veterans, especially thos whom I have heard referred to as the greatest generation, those who served in Europe and the South Pacific in World War Two. I ask a moment of silence also for the former Commandant of the United States Marine Corps who passed away very recently.
I'd like to thank all of our service men and women, also. You've honored us.
I truly can not express my gratitude for what our armed services do for us. If it were not for them, none of us would be able to gather and discuss our firearms. We probably would not be able to do anything just because we want to.

Obama's victory brings up an interesting conundrum. The very military that makes it possible for us to be as free as we are could very well be in danger of being significantly disassembled with Obama (or any Democrat, for that matter) in office.

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