Teenager killed in London


Titles are un-American.
This is pretty sad. Hopefully they find the guy who did it.

A murdered boy, described as a "gentle giant" by his parents, had tried to avoid a fight minutes before he was killed at a baker's shop.

Police say Jimmy Mizen's attacker had ordered him to fight outside the shop in Lee, south-east London, on Saturday, but the 16-year-old refused.

The murderer then smashed glass in the store and delivered a fatal blow to Jimmy's throat, police said.
This emphasizes the need for self-defense training, even for people who say they wouldn't hurt a fly - because the fly may decide to hurt them.

BTW, check out the chart at the bottom. Out of 13 teenagers killed in London in 2008, one was shot. The rest were stabbed and beaten to death. Looks like the police can't protect everyone, even in a police state.

not only do they need self defense training for hand to hand.. but they need to reinstate their right to bare arms so when and if it calls for it, the situation is even. I pray that we will never lose our right to have firearms... although it does not look so promising.

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