Ted Kennedy Dies of Brain Cancer

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He went faster than I thought he would.

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I don't wish anyone dead, but it's all I can do to hold my tongue right now. My feelings about him are a bit of a mixed bag.
Mine aren't mixed at all. If I could think of just ONE thing that guy ever did that was FOR America and not just for himself, or his "party," then maybe I'd have mixed feelings.

God has His own way of enforcing "term limits."
well.. can't say I ever had any respect for him.. so not exactly sad that he's gone. hopefully some one who believes in freedom will replace him..
Happy birthday Red Hat!!

I'd love to say I got this 'gift' for you ... but that would infer implications that simply cannot be true. I mean, I was all the way in Arizona when the fine patriot and lion of the senate kicked off... and had no knowledge or role in his step into eternity. I'm sure I would have called the police or an ambulance or something, but you see - there was this party, and I was ... you know... in Arizona and stuff....

But still, what a gift! :pleasantry:
Normal Kennedy work:

"The Kopechne family did not bring any legal action against Senator Kennedy, but they did receive a payment of $90,904 from the Senator personally and $50,000 from his insurance company.[33] The Kopechnes later explained their decision to not take legal action by saying that "We figured that people would think we were looking for blood money."[33]"

Yep, $140,904 from Kennedy to her parents was all their daughter was worth to them. He bought them off pretty cheap.

Was she pregnant? Kennedy took care of that by buying off her parents and the Judges so there would be NO autopsy.

REALLY glad the sleaze bag is dead. If Mary Jo is watching, maybe now she will rest a little easier.

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