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How many have fired and carrying this little pocket wonder?


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I own one and like it. I have fire it on a couple of occasions and have put about 100-125 round through it. It is a very small gun and not the most fun to shoot as I have pretty big hands. I have also fired the kel-tec and ruger equivalents. For me the Taurus and Ruger felt the best, slight edge to the Taurus. The kel-tec feels noticeably smaller and was almost painful to fire. I have had no issues with the Taurus regarding FTF, jams, etc. I am in the process of getting my CCW, so I have not carried it, however it fits in the pocket of my dress pant and its hardly noticeable. Hope this helps and good luck.

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I have one...about 600-800 rounds down range...carry as BUG. My wife has the KT P3AT. Fairly comparable except TCP has a slide lock and locks open on the empty magazine. Some have had issues with reliability, but mine has been reliable thus far. You can read posts from owners at taurusarmed.net.


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Thanks for the info I do own one and have fired s few hundred rounds through the only issue I had was the hollow points yet polishing the feed ramp helped


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I've got one and like it. I've fored about 500 rounds through it with some minor feed errors. Nothing major, just rack the slide and it's GTG. I haven't polished the feed ramp or anything like that, I'm hoping after about 1000 rounds it'll function w/o any problems... or at least less. Even with the few jams, it's not enough for me to not trust it as my carry gun when I want something very concealable.

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