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Have tried for several months to register with Taurus Armed.net and it would appear that the site is corrupted and wont allow new users. That being said I thought I would try to get some information from this site instead from fellow gun owners such as myself. Recently purchased a Taurus 380 for the wife. Have looked online and I am trying to find and locate a nylon hip holster for her and I have no idea what the size would be. We tried a medium bulldog for inside the pocket but she is unable to draw from it quickly. Which is not acceptible for defense. If anyone knows of any size nylon right handed hip holsters that might fit a barrel with just a small 2.84 inch barrel please let me know. Thank You

First a bit of advise, I have the Taurus TCP 738 and I do not recommend it as a defensive firearm for a number of reasons.

I really liked it when I bought it and carried it. I stopped carrying it over a year ago. I did take it to the range at some point and experienced a number of failure to eject malfunctions, every 2-3 fired rounds! This appears to be a combination of ammunition and gun. My Hornady XTP self defense ammo and my Monarch training ammo cycles fine, for now, but my Remington UMC training ammo apparently doesn't. I have about 2500 rounds through that gun.

As for the holster, any Ruger LCP nylon holster should fit the Taurus TCP, such as the Link Removed. I am personally staying away from nylon holsters, other than for pocket carry. I carried my Taurus TCP is a CrossBreed MiniTuk or a DeSantis Nemesis.
I appreciate the advice concerning the fire arm it self and the holsters available. I personally have shot around 1,000 + rounds thru it without any issues of any kind myself. That being said we live on about 20 + acres with a lot of timber which means we have a lot of copper heads on our land. I bought the fire arm for her to use on the ranch pretty much. She is a small lady but has child like hands so many of my fire arms she cant even hold like my 40's 45's and 9's So I figured maybe she could at least handle something in a 380 range. Thank You
Wow! Sorry to hear of all the issues you've had with your TCP!
I've put about 900 + rounds through mine with no failures.
Mine is also a third gen(?) 738, maybe that makes a difference?

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