Taurus PT145 Millenium Pro .45 ACP?

i have a pt111 mil pro i'd be willing to sell you. need the money to upgrade my 1911... i'm in westerville.


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I HAD a Taurus Millennium Pro 45. Bought it brand new. First time shooting it got eight rounds off then that was it. There was a crack in the magazine well. It would not chamber another round without a jam. Contacted Taurus told them about it. Sent it to theme to fix because of the lifetime warranty. About two months later got it back. Took it to the range got five rounds this time through it then it began to do the same thing I sent it away for to be fixed. Called Taurus again the lady said to send it back so they could fix it. So I had the gun in my possession for a week the rest of two months taurus had it....now they want me to send it back again for two months again. I was fed up... I took it to a gunsmith and he told me you need to take this back to where you purchased it. I did return it. And now I own a Glock 30 not one problem with it in two years. Taurus is only selling you a warranty.. Does not mean you may actually ever have your firearm because out of three months I had mine for a week.


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i have a pt111 mil pro i'd be willing to sell you. need the money to upgrade my 1911... i'm in westerville.

No offense bro but I got a PT-145 & a Maverick 88 pistol gripped shotgun on layaway and a Rossi Circuit Judge maybe joining them soon, at this point I am down almost $800.

I'm Too $hort.

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I have a PT-145 that I use as my EDC weapon. The first time I took it to the range, I had 2 FTF problems, but I took it home and cleaned it real well. I haven't had any problems since. I like the small size of it for concealed carry. I used to carry a Ruger P-97 .45 but it was way too big and heavy.

I also just got a little charter arms .38 revolver (for free) and they are almost the same size.


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You are actually causing premature wear on your magazine springs by doing so. Magazine springs wear out from cycling between compressed and not compressed not from simply being compressed. Think of a wire coat hanger. Flex the coat hanger and hold it flexed. How long do you think it would take for that coat hanger to break where it is flexed? Not take that coat hanger and bend it back and forth repeatedly. It first heats up and then breaks after several cycles.

It's that same with magazine springs. Since you aren't loading the magazines to full capacity, you are having to reload the magazines more often to shoot the same number of rounds, hence wearing the springs earlier than if they were fully loaded.

What you are describing is called strain hardening, and it depends on what type of metal the spring is made of as far as how soon it will reach this point. While I am at the range (which isn't near as often as I would like), I shoot full mags. While stored at home, I leave one round out. Full compression over a long period of time will cause the spring to take a "set" and be weak when it is at full extension.

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