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I picked up a Taurus PT 92 (9mm) just recently, (no papers with it, 2nd hand deal, good price) bought a third mag for it right off the bat. Wife likes it because it is the singular auto we own that she can "rack" with no sweat. (Go figure. She finds the "Cannon" easy, but her 9mm Beretta and my .32 Tomcat she finds impossible.)

Anyway, I take it to the range and we can both pop x ring hits with it, repeatedly. No problem.

Here's the kicker. The two mags that came with the weapon AND the one I bought extra ALL have 17 rounds marked on them. Clear as day. I would assume from that I could pack in 17 rounds. Yes?

Nyet! They will only hold 16, all three of them. Go figure. No matter how much I push and shove, that spring and follower will NOT compress that little tiny bit to allow that last round to go in there. I gave it up as a lost cause.

A plus: I can load all three mags with a box of ammo, rather than having to find another round somewhere to finish the job with 17 per. (Do the math! LOL!)

Whoa, someone will say, you are losing firepower there. True, but if I am still in the heat of battle after expending 48 rounds, I figure I am in deep kim chee anyway. LOL!

Anyway, this is but a long story way to see if anyone else has noticed that 16/17 discrepancy, or am I completely losing it?



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I've got a couple of Tapco polymer AK mags that only hold 28 (supposed to hold 30). Like you, I'm unable to force the last 2 rounds in. The follower just stops cold so I have to assume there's some sort of blockage as opposed to the spring being compressed all the way (which would still probably give me a little play with the follower). The other Tapco mags I have are fine with 30. It's annoying having the 2 loose rounds rattling around in my bag! Haven't gotten around to disassembling the mags yet to see if I can locate the problem. I'll save that for a rainy day.

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I had the same issue, except my 17 round would only hold 15. The fix? Load, empty and reload. Do it enough times and it breaks the spring in for that last round.

And yes, as long as the rear sight is properly aligned, the 92 is a very accurate handgun and very nice in stainless.


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Anyway, this is but a long story way to see if anyone else has noticed that 16/17 discrepancy, or am I completely losing it?


PT92 was my first gun and my favorite for a few years until my ex-wife sold it while I was in Iraq before filing for divorce.

Anyway....I found that it was much easier to load the 17th round if I paid attention to the double stacking of the rounds as I loaded them. In other words, with the magazine sitting sideways to you, push the top round in the magazine down and to the proper side either toward you or away from you against the side of the magazine, while pushing the top round against a side of the magazine, slide the next round in.

For the last round you can also push down on the top round in the magazine while bouncing the magazine against the table or bench to make room.


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All four of my Taurus PT-92 mags will load 17, but that last round is a real pain to get in. It is also a real pain to seat the magazine if the slide is not locked open.

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Sorry, don't like 'em. Nothing against the product line... it's just a personal preference thing.

In automatics, I prefer a hammer I can see (and cock), a thumb safety and a decock function. Won't carry without those features. Illogical? Maybe. But it is what I feel comfortable with.

Nothing personal. Pax!


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