Taurus J-Frame .38 Good, Bad or Ugly?


Ok, so I am in the market for a J-Frame revolver to carry as a BUG.

My friend has a S/W concealed hammer that I LOVE, but he won't sell Darnit. I can't find one like it anywhere, and have been looking for a while. I don't like hammerless guns, like Glock's or on a wheel gun.

Another friend has a NICE 50 rounds from brand new Taurus Air weight. It's really light, (duh, the name) and really looks good. the question is, is it worth the $320.00 he is asking? he paid $350 less than a month ago.

Some say Taurus are Good, some say bad, and some say ugly. It will only be my BUG so I'm not as OCD as I am with my primary carry.

The bottom line is I sort of am OCD about buying Made in America stuff, and to buy a gun from Brazil is something I am concerned about, stupid to be like that but what the heck. I would really love input from people who have the same model I am looking at.



Posting the model number may help.......:biggrin:

I have a couple of Taurus wheel guns, They are very well built and have a good warranty.

One is a full size (K or L) 357..w/4" barrel I believe it is a model 65 stainless... real nice shooter, and very accurate.

The other is a small (J) frame 5 shot 357 w/1-1/8" barrel and a shrouded hammer (you can still cock it for single action though, the hammer isnt completely shrouded) I believe it is a model 850 it also is very accurate and well built.

I, myself, just dont see the reason anyone would buy a 38 instead of a 357.... the size, price and weight differences are very negligible in my opinion, and the benefits of being able to shoot both vs only 38 far outweigh the cons.....:wink:
Oh yeh, I forgot to mention....... 357 out of an airweight is quite the experience.... lol

Under life or death conditions though, you wouldnt notice it......
I have a taurus model 85 ultralite and after about 300 rounds it started hanging on one chamber. The cylinder would lock up
ath the same place each time it made a revolution. I sent it back to taurus they repaired and sent it back within 4 weeks with a detailed report as to what they found. My gun dealer at first told me that i would be responsible for shipping but taurus covered this also. it now shoots flawlessly and after 800-1000 rounds it has proved a good purchase. My wife keeps this with her because I was able to make a pair of wood grips that are super slim because of her small hands.( the factory rubber grips were to thick for her)

I also have a smith model 638 airweight and it has been good out of box to 600-700 rounds.

I would be comfortable with either as a backup I only bought the smith because of a good deal. I have owned Taurus in the past and would not hesitate in the future to buy again
I've never been too impressed with Taurus... then I found this gem: Taurus - M4Carbine.net Forums If not one, but apparently a batch of snubbies could make it out of the factory like this with their barrels some completely screwed up, it's obvious that Taurus QC leaves A LOT to be desired.
I have a Taurus model 66 4". I have not had any issues with it.
True it is not a Smith and Wesson, but it works.

Now if you go to budsgunshop.com they have a few Smith and wesson snubbies for under $400. I think they are at $361.

so you could get a Smith and Wesson with out breaking the bank.
The action on my Taurus .357 snubbie w/hammer shroud is close to glass. Can't remember model. I bought it used.
Had a Mod 85 Stainless with the bobbed hammer, it worked every time.
Trusted it so much I gave it to my daughter when she got her CWP.
Wouldn't have given it to her if I didn't trust it!

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