Targets...Print or buy?


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For short distances any target will do. I print my own sometimes. Other times paper plates etc. When I am doing rifle practice out to 200 yards. I love the shoot n see types. Easy to see your shot. (Unless they are just too close together! LOL)


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Shots too close together at 200 yds.... yep, I hate when that happens too.....

Hey, even a blind guy can get lucky. Twice I have had rounds too close to tell when looking through the scope. I even thought I missed the target. It is only a six inch circle.:biggrin:


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I collect political campaign signs like kelcarry does. I don't paste mine together though. I just attach some cardboard, print targets on my computer and tape them to the cardboard.


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I use the scaled "badguy" targets (10 feet equals 30) that I picked up a 100 pack for something like $20. I generally tape my shots as I go so one "badguy" is good to take a hundred or so rounds. Besides two or three badguys, I generally have a half dozen bulleye targets that I print on a laser printer for the ultimate cheapos. I use this bullseye[/URL**, to print it from Internet Explorer and have it as large as it can go on the paper, I go to print preview from IE and set it to 110% then print a hundred or so copies.


8" white paper plates are exactly the size of a good upper COM hit. 500 plates for $5.00. Stick some Orange bulls-eyes in the center.

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