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Time for some clearance drill review, Link Removed

Always good to review. Worth practicing even if you have a super reliable firearm--never know when one of those malfunctions is going to happen! We had a guy in our CFP class whose gun malfunctioned and the whole range was shut down while he and the instructor tried to figure out what to do with it--this makes it pretty easy. :)
Great Video............very informative .......Thanks for putting that up.I will show it to my Wife as she is in the process of learning to use here Colt Mustang as a carry gun.
Great Post!!! I don't run into FTF often at all, but I was shooting an older gun the other day and had a stoppage. The tap rack was almost built in, I was back to shooting. Someone later asked me why he did not see me spending anytime fighting the jams he always gets on it. I clued him in. Great and simple action that will get rid of almost everything!!!!
One of the best I've seen in a while

This guy really knows his stuff. Please post more of these video snippets as they become available. These are great!!!

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