Talbot Schools Suspend 3 Children for 'playing guns' with their fingers.


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Everyone wants to send their kids to a safe school where they can learn the skills to become a functioning adult. But are we creating “narcissitic bubble children", by forcing upon them so many irrational rules at each & every turn that they will have no idea how to make independent decisions later on in real life?
A Talbot County school in Maryland has just suspended two more six-year-old children for making “gun” signs with their hands while playing what used to be a fairly common game, cops and robbers, during their recess time. And less than two weeks ago, 6-year-old Rodney Lynch was suspended for the very same offense.
Young Rodney explained what he did during a WJZ-TV interview: “Just pointing your fingers like this, and then she did the pow sound, and I just went like that, and then I got sent to the office, again.”
One rational parent, Julia Merchant, said the situation is “Completely ridiculous.”

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Maybe they didn't check to see if their fingers were loaded! Totally rediculous! I did the same thing 50 years ago and I turned out normal. People are just too sensitive.
These kids probably made 15 POW sounds in a row, they got suspended because they had a "high capacity" magazine. :)
A friend's kid got in trouble for drawing a picture of himself and his daddy at the range. Schools are getting crazy. Have to tell my kid that at school, guns are a secret. How sad is that?

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