Taking the Florida CCW class next week


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Wife and I are taking it together which should be fun.

My wife is going to apply for the resident CCW and mine will be an non-resident.

What are the fee's associated with the application?

I've taken a fire-arms course before for my MA license which was much more extensive than the 3 hour class in Florida.
Is there a way to see if it would be accepted or should I just take the 3 hour class down there as well?

Go to Florida's website and order the application packet for a concealed weapon license. Florida's requirements for proof of firearms training are pretty liberal. Example, a hunter's safety course, NRA Basic firearm or First Steps firearm course, or even a letter on letterhead from a gun club, signed by an instructor, will meet the requirement. Unless things have changed since last year, you do not need to take a Florida specific CCW course. However, it would be to your advantage to take advanced courses anyway.
Ordered the paper work and hopefully don't have any problems with the cert I have from my Mass. NRA course.
I'll also be sending in a copy of my military ID which should substitute for the course anyway.

Now I've just got to get my wife situated with one as well.
Florida CCW classes

There is no such thing as a state approved or certified Florida specific CCW class. Florida will accept just about any type of documented training out there. If you have a certificate of training from your MA LTC class that will work. I used my NV CFP training certificate to get my Florida CWFL.

What I do is teach the UT CFP class with a range qualification of a semi-auto pistol (.380 ACP or bigger) or revolver (.38 special or bigger).then an optional Florida addendum after the UT portion is complete for those students interested in getting a FL CWFL.

Your NRA First Steps, Basic Pistol and Hunter Safety do not cover prohibited areas or a layman's law section so be forewarned.
I took NRA Basic Pistol for my training requirement. That class didn't cover "layman's law" or prohibited areas, either, or any CCW issues at all. It was only to teach safe handling of a firearm. Since getting my permit, I have since taken more advanced training, and I encourage others to do so as well.

The application kit includes a brochure of FAQ's regarding concealed carry, as well as a booklet with several statutes regulating concealed carry (prohibited places, prohibited actions, etc.) It would be to your advantage to read these over, and if available, take a course on Florida's laws of carry, use of force, etc. Remember the old cliche, "ignorance of the law is no defense." You don't want to discover after the fact that you inadvertently violated the law.
Heading down again next week and will be doing the electronic prints.

Hopefully this is the last hassle involved with the process.
Let us know when you receive your permit and let us know when you're able to utilize it for the first time. Good luck!
National Armory in Pompano Beach Florida CCW Class

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