Tactical Shotguns- Remington vs. Mossberg


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They both eject out of the wrong side.:mad:


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I have a Moss 500 that I put a 18.5" bbl on, other than that I haven't done anything to it. I just took it to Front Sight for a 4 day course and didn't have any malfunctions. When I bought it I didn't have any experience with shotguns, so I just looked for an inexpensive one. I am very happy with it.


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My mossberg has dual action arms, and dual extractors. I liked the lift ramp on the Mossberg better, I felt the Remington was not as good there. I looked at both and bought the Mossberg. Mossberg has 10 year warranty, if they expected it to come back, they wouldn't give that.
Actually I like the safety on the Mossberg better on the top, I can see it easier. I use my left hand to take it off. After all after I empty the mag. I refill with my left hand anyway.

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I have a mossberg 500a with 7+1. great shotgun, can do just about anything to it with add ons. cant go wrong with it.

my vote~ mossberg. got mine for under $250 NIB, but that was back 07.


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For those criteria. Without a pistol grip, hands down the Mossberg 500. I own the Matte silver with black synthetic stocks and love it. If you're willing to go down to 5+1, the 870 Tactical is good as well(got one too) along with a Mossberg 500 with a pistol grip/M4 stock and heat shield setup(got one too).

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