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OK - Well I was adding a Bipod to my model 70 Winchester with a synthetic stock. It attaches to the swivel stud on the forearm. By the time I got it tight enough to suit me, I had pulled the swivel stud out of the forearm. I found an article on the net that talks about milling out a space behind the torn hole and inserting a 3/8" square aluminum stock piece and then rebedding that aluminum stock. Drill and tap and then reinstall a swivel stud and better than new.
Questions. 1- Sounds reasonable to me - what do others think? How about a T-nut instead?
2 - Since this is not going to bed the barrel, shouldn't any epoxy that holds the aluminum bar stock tight be OK since that is readily available and I don't have to wait for an order of Acraglas?
3 - Any suggestions that do not require removing the stock?


If the stock is thick enough I'd drill a larger hole using a flat wood drill bit deep enough to put a nut in it. Then tighten it down before putting the stock on. Another way would be to use a blind nut if you can find one with the correct thread size. One more way is to install a heli-coil.
Thanks - I have looked at the T-nuts or blind nuts approach. I was debating if the Dogs on the T-nut will push into the synthetic stock. I may try one on another piece of synthetics I have. The trhead size is moot since the swivel stud had very wide wood screw type threads. I have to go shopping and find a stud and then I plan to work backwards.

Sounds like you are from South Carolina - So am I. The SC and NR NH compbination gives it away.

Thanks again.

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