synthetic stock repair?


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I was just wondering if anyone knows of a way to fix a NASTY saw mark in a synthetic stock? I have a Stevens model 76 22 and it was stolen from me, but I was able to get it back thankfully. Its pretty important to me, as it was the first gun I ever bought. The person that stole it from me tried to saw the butt stock off at the neck, why I have no idea. I looked for a new stock for it and only came up with one option and they wanted 110 dollars for the stock which is more than I paid for the rifle brand new. So if anyone has any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it.


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You might try a two-part epoxy. It will bond to both sides and be pretty strong. if the hack saw job left any burrs or residue, clean that off first. Then when the epoxy is dry,lightly sand it and paint the whole stock with flat black paint made especially for plastics. It's available at Lowe's, Walmart, etc.


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Depending on how deep the saw marks are you can use either an epoxy or if the saw marks are more surface, automotive bondo and glazing putty. If you need to add adhesiveness and strength, use the epoxy to about an 1/8" below the stock surface and then finish in the remained with bondo and a finishing glaze putty. Sand and then paint the entire stock with a flat or semi-gloss enamel.

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