Switching my phone service today


Thank God I'm alive!
I just moved out on my own back in February and as I was shopping around for home phone service, I discovered Comcast's triple play package (home phone service, cable, and Internet service for $99/month). I decided to go with that thinking I was getting a great deal. Then the problems began.

For the first two months, people with local phone numbers who I have always been able to call when I was with AT&T were not able to call me unless they first dialed 1+ the area code before my number, and every time, they were charged for a long distance call. Also, I was not able to call home from my job. After complaining about this for the better part of two months, it was finally fixed.

Even after that was fixed, however, I continued having problems. Periodically, whenever the cable went out, I was without phone service. Luckily I have a cell phone, but why should I have to use my cell minutes any time I don't have home phone service?

After months of frustration over this, I finally called AT&T and am getting my service switched over today.

Anyone else with Comcast phone service have any similar stories?


I used Vonnage for the year before I left the US. Unlimited local and long distance (for the flat fee I selected) and no real problems...except for...

when the power went out, I had to hope it would come back before my UPS expired. It only happened once although the UPS was activated several times in my area (Silverdale, Washington). Also, (prepare yourself here) I had it hooked up to a DSL line which gave me higher consistent quality than my cable. I know, I had a regular phone hooked up in addition to my VOIP line. The reason was the flat rate unlimited long distance service. Friends and family were in California, Tennessee, Missouri, Florida, Colorado and Maryland so I did a LOT of long distance each month. Because it was DSL it wasn't affected by cable or electrical outages with the exception of the devices hooked to household current (phone, modem and router), you fall back on the old-style, no electricity phone or the cell for whatever you need if the battery on the UPS goes down or the phone base dies on you.
Yeah, Comcast bought Time Warner about a year ago, and we've had problems ever since. Getting a letter that a bill was past due...then getting the first bill a week later. That was one thing. Occasionally, the service will just crap out due to many factors. After Christmas, the wife and I are looking into the AT&T equivalent cabe/phone/internet package.
I have heard such horror stories about Comcast...thankfully I do not have to deal with them and when I hear friends talk about switching, I tell them what I have heard about comcast...

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