Surplus Brass Decision Reversed.


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Great news! It appears the destruction of military once fired brass has ended with a reversal of DoD policy.

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I actually e-mailed my Congressman on this. If you rattle enough chains they get the message. Now if we could only make them think BEFORE they do stupid things like this...


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I could be wrong but I think the decision to stop selling for scrap has to do with money more that listening to any of us. The once shot casings are worth more money if sold to re-loaders. Obama has us so deep in debt our great grand children will be paying on it.

Piece Corps

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Go read up on what happens to the "once-fired" brass, and you'll see that it wasn't shot down because of money issues. What's a couple of thousand $$ to a multi-trillion deficit? Nada! The denial of that brass was going to affect ammo dealers and gun owners.

Same thing that made the likes of Pelosi back down from anti-gun legislation - US! Guns and ammo flying off the shelves, carry permit applications doubling, tripling! Gun owners everywhere signing petitions and sending faxes and letters to their representatives. Do you think these guys are blind? They see what's going on, what's happening in this country in the sparse 3 months Obama has been in office.

They're backing down on several fronts, and they can see the opposition building in this country. I attended the Orlando TEA Party yesterday, and although I got there an hour and a half early, I had to park 2 blocks away. The place was crowded and by 12 Noon there were at least 2,000 people there at Lake Eola, all mad as hell and promising that it's only going to get more and more noisy, until our politicians start to remember that they work for us.


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Thanks Piece Corps, I stand corrected. Glad to see the silent majority waking up. It's time to tell Washington and State governments the citizens are made as hell and we are not going to take it any more.

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