Support H.R. 17 and H.R. 197


I was looking at and found these two new resolutions introduced this January. They look like the only two firearms related bills that may be worth supporting. The rest are the usual anti-gun attempts to infringe on our 2A rights. I will be contacting my representatives and tellling them to support these two and fight the others.
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I may be wrong, but I don't see a reason to support either resolution.
H.R. 17 sounds like a re-hash of the Second Amendment. We don't need a bill or resolution by ANY governmental entity to be able to own or use for self defense, a firearm. It is a right not grantable nor deniable by ANY government. That's what 2A says.
H.R. 197 to me, sounds like the beginning of a national carry license. I don't want the federal government to get their hands in on that in ANY form. It's bad enought that the states are involved in it as much as THEY are. Now to some extent, state level laws negate local fifedoms (like that happening now in Calif.), which is good. But until/unless every state goes to something along the lines of what Vt. has (i.e. ANY adult citizen can legally carry without the need for a permit), more laws/regulations on EITHER side only confounds the issues.


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I would agree that Vt./Ak. is the preferrable way. In lieu of that, something national to require states to treat a carry license the same as a drivers license is probably the next best way.

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