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Summer Special II


Christmas came early to my house.

I just received not one, but two, Summer Special II's that I ordered back in July. One is for my S&W 22-4 and the other is for a GP100 with a 3" Barrel.

So far I've only played with the one for the S&W. My "better half" is giving me the other one, along with the gun, for Christmas. Yes, she knows she is giving me those items, just like I know I'm giving her a watch that cost more than my S&W.

This holster is stable, and that's an understatement. It's Rock Solid and that's fair dinkum. I'm using my Bruce Gibson Belt, and it's a match made in heaven. The holster holds the big "peashooter" at the correct rake for me to rapidly draw, stays open for reholstering, and helps to hide the gun very well. It also sits low in the waistband, as I'm very short torsoed. Normally I feel like I'm drawing in to my armpit when I use a "standard" holster. Not so with the Summer Special II.

Tony and the gang at Milt Sparks were very helpful when I called them before placing my order. They even allowed me to change my order from the Summer Special to the Summer Special II after more conversations with them, and I'm glad they did. I'm sure the Summer Special would ride too high for me. I really like the "interchangability" of the belt loops and even ordered a 1.25" Belt Loop so that I could use the same holster with my dress belts when I'm wearing a suit.

These guns are for off duty carry, and so are the holsters. I have the utmost confidence in them and their ability to retain my weapons until I need them. The stitching is first rate, nary a "bobble". The thickness of the leather is actually quite thin, but hard and the metal reinforced mouthband helps to "stiffen" things up. The holster retains the weapon for about 1/4" and then it's lightening fast to present the weapon. I took a chance and put the unloaded gun in the holster and turned the works upside down. I shook and shook, but the gun stayed put. If the gun had come out of the holster it would've gone skittering across the garage floor. That would not have been pretty, but I took a chance because I had confidence in the quality of Milt Sparks' products.

There are some good holster makers out there and I'm proud to say I own some good leather. The quality of these holsters is second to none and the honesty of the company in meeting their timeframes is refreshing in today's gun market where the holstermakers act like they are doing us a favor by taking our order.

Rest assurred, I will be back for more Milt Sparks holsters as I buy more and different guns.








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