Suicide at hospital


Titles are un-American.
Well, this is very sad and unfortunate.
Jacksonville Sheriff's Officers say Prindle, Jr., 68, shot his son, Kai Prindle, 11 and the boy's mother, Denise Farve, 49, before killing himself. Farve died from her injuries Friday.
But, there's more to it than that. Obviously this guy was out of line and resorted to measures that were far more extreme than necessary. However, it doesn't sound like he intended to shoot his son. Way down in the last line of the story, it says...

A bullet grazed Kai Prindle's arm. He is currently in serious condition. Twyla Prindle now says she is Kai's legal guardian.
If that grazing was the kid's only injury, then it really sounds like he was shooting his wife but accidentally hit his son.

Not to say that Prindle is anyone to be admired for what he did...but why can't the media report with any more moral complexity than the "attempted double homicide" angle?

I think your right, it sounds like he intended to just shoot her then himself and your also right about the media. I've said it before, we've lost the "investigative" reporters. They used to really want to find out what happened but now you have these plain reporters that put no effort into their stories. Then if there is a gun involved, they just make it sound like it's the gun's fault that the incident happened and leave it at that. I'd want to know what made this guy think the child's mother was so bad that he thought the only thing after fighting for custody for 6 years, was to kill her. Among other things.

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