Suggestions please on carrying in non belted pants or shorts

Use any IWB holster with a neoprene fisherman's wading belt. No heat build up, repels sweat and doesn't require you to buy another holster!

I tend to wear sweats around the house too, so I bought a neoprene fisherman's wading belt (Simms is the brand; see link) and I attach the IWB holster to it and wear it inside the waistband. Over the undies and under the sweats.

Also works well for deep concealment under jeans, and especially dress pants, when you are in victim disarmament zones. There will be no holster clips or loops showing if you use this method with dress pants.

Hope this helps - $10-$15 solution!

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Sticky Holsters. Affordable and they work. I use one exclusively with my Ruger SR9, whether I am wearing jeans, sweats or shorts.

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I like the idea of the Belly Band the best. I just can't get by the idea of the smart carry and have a loaded gun next to my other "gun"

Actually, I am a Fat Bastard, so having it all Down Front is iffy at best. Thus I use my ThunderWear holster just like an IWB on my right side with the grip sticking up above my shorts under my shirt. That's the beauty of this design. You can put it in the front, to either side, cross-draw, small of the back - you can even double carry with it.
CC without belt

I have several CC shirts...when it gets warm, the Conceal Carry T~shirts are perfect. There are several brands out there, i prefer the ones from they come in white or black...and also tank top style. The Belly band works, but it can get pretty warm.

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