Subsonic ballistics...for a .308?


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Ok, I'm looking into getting Remington's SPS Tactical AAC-SD .308, and it's going to be a cross of hunting and recreation. I live in SC where it's legal to hunt any size game with a suppressor, but one thing I can't seem to find is subsonic ammo ballistics. The only thing I can really find is the places that sell them have the muzzle velocity/energy, which is normally around 1050ft/s and about 500ft*lbs. Do these rounds slow down just as much as standard ammo does or are they designed to be more efficient with maintaining velocity and energy at longer distances?

Basically, I'm just wanting to know if I can hunt whitetail deer with subsonic ammo, and if so, out to what range?


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Hunting laws very from state to state. You may be able to hunt with a suppressor, but bullet weight, FPS and caliber will more than likely be regulated. I would turn first to your states hunting reg's then see if you can match ammo to fit.


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Subsonic ammo for a .308 would likely be a very heavy for caliber bullet like a 220-250 grain. At the low velocity, that type/weight bullet will perform like a FMJ w/o expanding much/any. I would not recommend or condone shooting deer unless under very controlled conditions due to the likelyhood of losing an animal even with a good hit. In my opinion, this type of ammo is meant for head/spine shots at close range.
The heavy bullets started at a low velocity don't lose that velocity as quickly in proportion as does standard bullets at normal speed.


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Firing bullets at subsonic velocities the .308 and the .300 Whisper would be equivelant.

What you want is the heaviest bullet your twist will stabilize loaded to barely subsonic muzzle velocities.


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