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I think I'm starting to lean towards S&W's M&P 40c. I really like the XD sub compacts reputation, but i don't think I'd be comfortable without a thumb safety or at least double action pull so.... I'm leaning heavily toward the M&P at the moment. Having a toddler around, I like the idea of having a few additional safeties to employ. it also sounds like the workings are similar to Glock and XD and that reliability is not an issue.

Does anyone have any opinion of the M&P 40c?

How durable is the finish? I was planning on going with SS, but I don't think the M&P c is available with a SS slide.

Any problems with this particular firearm?

Thanks for all the good advice!

I love the S&W MP9C... it feels great in my hand, it shoots remarkably well for a "short barrel," and it's size and "flatness" makes it a great CC gun.

I've got nothing negative to share about it, though I can't tell you about finish durability yet. Sorry.

Another idea for additional firearms safety (with a toddler in the home) but without sacrificing accessibility in home-defense situations is a relatively simple, effective and inexpensive barrel lock. has them for all gun sizes, and if you're an NRA member, they're discounted to boot.

As with any firearms safety device, there are pros and cons, but I think any home with the "toddler consideration" can't hurt to take a look to see if this device may work for you.

Happy gun hunting, and let us know what choice you settle on.
I had your same problem. I went back and forth between the M&P and the XD45 when I was looking to buy a service size pistol. I really think it comes down to which one meets your intended purpose the best. I was looking for a higher capacity service size pistol to use for training classes. So the extra rounds the XD 45 hold was a big plus. I also thought the trigger was just a little nicer on the XD also so I ended up going that route. Now if I was looking for a sub-compact for carry I may lean the other way.

My dad, KimberRB, has a sub-compact M&P and last I heard he really like it.
I have an XD-40 sub-compact so i may be a little biased, but the gun has terrific balance and is just chuncky enough to feel good in your hand while being comfortable to conceal carry. The gun shoots true and i have never had a problem on the range, no matter the brand of ammo i was using. Also, i have found that Springfield's trigger and grip safties are an extremely dependable and effective system but no substitute for a gun lock with children in the house. By the way, I have the stainless slide, very nice looking gun!
The only problem I have had with my M&P9c is that I can't find enough ammo to put through it. The M&P's are a great cc gun.
The only problem I have had with my M&P9c is that I can't find enough ammo to put through it. The M&P's are a great cc gun.

+1! I have 38 pounds of lead ingots that'll be turned into 230gr .45 ACP this weekend. That should hold me over for a few weeks. lol
You can not go wrong with ether gun. I have both and as Kimber PB stated I love them both. My M&P is a little EZer to carry but the other has more rounds. go with the one that fits you a matter of fact have two of the M&Ps
M&P vs XD for Carry

Why do you prefer the M&P for carry when all the dimensions of the XD are smaller than the M&P?

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