Sturm Ruger, #4 gun maker in USA, is leaving Connecticut


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Governor Malloy deals another blow to CT due to his recent enacted gun laws:

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Makes sense to me. With nothing ANTI coming out of DC, many states have jumped the gun & created draconian gun laws on their own. They have made the decision to stand up for what they think is the right thing to do. So now they have to accept the fact that most of the country dosen't feel the same. There are many states that would welcome the tax base from gun manufacturers.
I feel for the gun owners in these states whose rights have been removed. I also feel for the innocent folks there that are now fish in a barrel.
It's sad to think one worthless person like Governor Malloy, is causing so many good hardworking people of this state to lose their jobs. I am glad to see Ruger packing up and leaving as things won't get any better in Conn. I fear.
Last night on the news it was reported thart Stag Arms was moving to SC also. We are losing more and more jobs here every day! Thanks Gov. Malloy!!
The unions support the liberals and Marxists in their anti business agenda. They drive the jobs out of state and then complain when they leave. Its like the coal miners of WV who supported Manchin, and by proxy Obama, who is in the process of destroying the coal industry. California is being destroyed since the productive people are leaving and the welfare people remain. Every state controlled by the progressives and supported by Marxist union thugs is on the verge of disaster. Obama is trying to do the same for the entire country and must be stopped while there are some remnants of liberty remaining.

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