STUPID Hawaii lawmakers.....Any ideas how we can fix this???

I just received this email through NRA-ILA. After reading the contents of the bill, it's got me thinking "What next?" We had a discussion about this among the local rifle association members. We're thinking that it will be mighty difficult to put a serial number on a bunch of .410 gauge bird shot :confused:

If anyone has an idea how to fight this, please let me know. We're looking at it from the angle that there's no provision that exempts law enforcement or the military. Making a "deal with the devil" might work, but at the same time, a simple amendment can fix that. We want to kill this bill before it gets any farther. If possible hit "Tommy Waters" hard, and send him running with his tail between his legs.

Bullet Serialization Bill to Be Heard in Hawaii House
Judiciary Committee!
Please Contact the House Judiciary Committee Today!

On Friday, February 1, the Hawaii House Judiciary Committee will hear legislation what will have dire consequences for our Right to Keep and Bear Arms in Hawaii. The bill HB2392, would require all handgun ammunition manufactured or sold in Hawaii to be coded with a serialization number, and entered into a statewide database at the time of sale. Encoded ammunition would be registered to the purchaser and would include the date of transaction, the purchaser’s name, date of birth, drivers license number, and the serial number of the ammunition. The procession or sale of non-coded/serialized ammunition would be prohibited.

Thanks for you input.


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I doubt that ammo manufacturers would do it. I bet with the gun laws you have there ammo sales for Hawaii are just a drop in the bucket for manufactures. Special equipment and just the paperwork alone would probably be prohibited. If they do I can see $100+ for a box of 9mm ammo. I'd buy up all the reloading supplies I could get just in case! Good luck!


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Maybe you could try searching out links to the nightmares California is bringing on itself with 'microstamping' in the way of regulation and lawsuits and send the links to your reps. A dose of common sense probably won't help, but fear of creating a litigious nightmare which can dog them in the next election might.:D
I can imagine the reaction of the lawmakers when the poice chiefs and military get on their case about running out of ammo because none of the manufactureres would comply with the law. :) If the gun industry stops manufacturing their products to comply with stupid gun laws, then we won't have this problem.

I truly respect the stance that Barrett Firearms has taken against the state of California. They won't service the LEO or military clients out of CA due to the laws banning civilians from owning a .50 BMG. We need more compnaies to say "enough is enough" and join Barrett in making things right. I can understand certain types of firearms like full auto and suppressed firearms being restricted to LEO and military, with all of the bad press and actual use in commission of crimes, it's a "reasonable" ban. The .50 BMG on the other hand has a legitimate sport purpose, and has yet to be confirmed to have been used in a crime.

Thanks for your feed back.



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I can understand certain types of firearms like full auto and suppressed firearms being restricted to LEO and military, with all of the bad press and actual use in commission of crimes, it's a "reasonable" ban.

Divide and Conquer--you've got it down pat.

As long as people continue to equivocate, we will have to fight for our 'natural rights' and continue to have them eroded from us--Go read the Declaration or Independence and the Constitution again...:rolleyes:


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I do not agree.Those are no more reasonable than the ban on .50BMG rifles,which is not reasonable at all.We all already know that bans do not stop criminals from getting and using guns or anything else they want.There should be no ban on any type of firearm.So what if I have a silenced MP5.(I don't,but what if I did?!)Having it does not mean that I would hurt someone with it.Maybe it,like most of my guns,is a plaything.I would take it out,play with it(safely and responsibly,and quietly),then clean it and put it up.
As for your predicament,I can not offer a very good answer,except to write to your state reps and tell them what you want.They do,after all,work for you.If you can't appeal to their reason,appeal to their greed(how much it will cost the state),or appeal to their laziness(how much work it will make for them).I wish you well.

I just got word that the bill has been "deferred indefinitely". It's pretty much dead unless something similar is drafted during the next 3 1/2 months left in this legislative session. I hope they don't come up with something like in CA that would require the firing pin to micro stamp each casing. :(


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I don't understand the casing thing. I mean really most BG do not use legal guns anyway. If for some reason a BG used a gun that was registered to them and knew that the firing pin stamped a number into the casing I am sure they would pick up the casings and throw them out, or get rid of them in some way. Really that law serves no purpose.

As far as numbering the ammo it also has no point. If you number the casing same thing would happen people would just get rid of them or file the number off if doing bad. If they want to number the lead itself, I don't think you would be able to read the number after fired into something or someone.

It seems like the people that come up with these laws don't even know how guns work. In a ccw situation the shooter (being one of us) would not be fleeing from the scene anyway. We would admit yes we shot him because he tried to shoot me. Thats easy enough no need for numbers on bullets. The whole system anymore really upsets me.

What is this world coming to??????


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We can't even give them an inch. Next year, they'll want another, and another, until there is none left to give. We can't compromise at all. 'The people's right to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.'

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