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Let's hear your anecdotes about people who did terribly unsafe and stupid things with firearms. Extra points for stories about idiots who shot themselves. From personal experience only....

Here's my story.

I was over at my sister's place out in the boonies, and we were planning to go out and do some practice in the backyard. I was going to go over safety again and help her with her marksmanship. (she had never fired her pistol yet).

Some other friends were visiting and sitting across from us in the living room. My sister unlocked her gun safe and handed me the pistol, letting the barrel hover for several moments on her friend who was sitting directly behind her. I scowled at her and tried to explain how bad that was, and she asked me "why, is it loaded?". The safety was already off, so I ejected the magazine and racked the slide, dropping a live round on the floor.

We didn't end up doing range practice that day. I think she was really embarrassed by the whole ordeal, and I'm less enthusiastic about my sister having this gun that she doesn't even know whether it's loaded or not. Bad stuff.

My gene pool nominee

My son had a friend who was apparently a sandwich shy of a picnic. One day he decided to see if he could make a .22 cartridge go off by putting it in a vise and hitting it with a hammer in his mom's garage. He found out the answer was yes, after putting the round through the driver's window of his mom's car. I thank God my son has out grown this friendship.
Thankfully, I don't have any stories to tell and hope to keep it that way.
This one has to be my favorite one of all time.

The idiot then decided to sue whoever leaked the video out, claiming that as a result, he has become "unemployable." Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't he make himself unemployable? Wouldn't all of you want to know this about someone applying for a law enforcement position with a local police department?
Taser to the behind

Taser behind officer's dismissal,,,,,,,,,,,,

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"I don't test it every day because I'm not Taser-happy," she said. "I'm not a person that just gets a kick out shooting people with a Taser."
Taser behind officer's dismissal,,,,,,,,,,,,

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"I don't test it every day because I'm not Taser-happy," she said. "I'm not a person that just gets a kick out shooting people with a Taser."

I read that story, and it sounds to me like there was a lot of office politics going on, and they were looking for a reason to fire her. I mean, cops can do some incredible things without losing their jobs; I don't think the guy got the full 50,000 volts either.
Taser behind officer's dismissal,,,,,,,,,,,,

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"I don't test it every day because I'm not Taser-happy," she said. "I'm not a person that just gets a kick out shooting people with a Taser."

According to her story he did not even flinch when she zapped him. Now correct me if I am wrong but usually the crackle of electricity, the blue arch between the prongs or the victim flopping on the floor are a good indication that the Taser is working.
No stories except for one years ago (20) when there was an after work party (beer was involved) and one of the people grabbed up a .357 that some of the participants had been plinking with (beer was involved) spun the cylinder, stuck it in his mouth (beer was involved) and pulled the trigger (beer was involved). The owner of the gun took it away from this “brain surgeon” who thought it was a great joke (beer was involved) until the owner ejected five live rounds (beer was involved) at that point he promptly ejected all the (beer that was involved) from his stomach. I did not actually witness this incident but heard about it from friends that were there the next day. The “brain surgeon’ quit the job soon after.
I am ashamed to admit it but my story is on my self. Many years ago, infact in the early70's while in my car I was checking the cylinder on my Colt Detective. I had it at the range that morning and the cylinder a couple of times did not turn. Later that evening after giving it a good cleaning I had it with me in the car. I cocked it back a couple of times and let the hammer down real slow to see if it was working. Not sure what happend next but I had put a 38 slug in and out of my leg. I am not sure but believe I did not miss the artery by much. I drove myself to the emergency room at the county hospital where I worked at the time. By the grace of God it turned out to be a lot less of an injury than it could of been. That was a real eye opener.
I've not had anything at the level of a negligent discharge, but I like to think that some day I will. Why? It keeps me pointing the thing in a safe direction.

I think the worst thing I've ever done personally was drop my handgun. It didn't fire and there was no one else around, but that just made me feel like crap for a day or two, lol. See I'm one of those guys that gets that nervous even when I'm looking down the business end of a barrel REMOVED from the just doesn't feel right. Hopefully I continue to be as hard on myself about gun safety....I'd hate to get complacent.
One of my good childhood friends learned from HIS FATHER that if you took a .22 bullet, and used it like chalk, one could "draw" on the sidewalk. He thought this was good fun, although I chose not to be around when he did it. Also, after the bullet was worn down, he would push them in the dirt and hit them with a hammer until they went off. Stupid and dangerous.

Another friend, this one about 16, found his dad's Glock and decided it would be cool to twirl the gun like in the Old West. Shot through his bedroom wall, through the garage door, and through the neighbor's garage door. Stupid and utterly dangerous.
I dunno, I've heard a story before about a very stupid criminal. He held up a store or business with a revolver...pulled the trigger and nothing happened. Confused, the robber looks down the barrel and tries the trigger again. Hmm, worked that time! I don't know if this is true - there always seems to be some stories floating around like this.
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