Street's of New York - gun busters, who wants to write a letter?


OK, so I was at my favorite local gun store yesterday at their brand new second location. I also saw next door to them they had a Streets of New York Pizza place. I used to eat at SONY pizza all the time and love their food. Once I was done shopping (window) I told them I was going next door, they said "Sure? they have a no guns sign". I WOW, I told them well, I would go to the restaurant on the other side of them. The manager, Kevin, told me when he opened up the Streets manager said how happy he was that they were opening up to get him more customers. Kevin told him "don't get excited, my customers won't shop there". He replied "why?" and Kevin pointed out his sign, the manager of Streets said "damn, I am a franchise and because of my franchise agreement, I have to put that sign up, I don't agree with it".

So, who wants to help change their minds? Their website is below. Lets start a campaign to get that sign taken down.

The store I am referring to is Shooter's Vault at 19th avenue and Happy Valley Road in Phoenix AZ. Maybe if enough people here wrote in, they would not mandate all their franchises have that stupid sign up.


Contact - Streets of New York

P.S., let me know what you send in, and maybe even post a copy of it here.

How big is the sign? If he doesn't agree pull that crap off, even if the company was there what are the chances they'd notice? That guy need to take the first step to making the other side realize that's BS. It's friggin AZ!

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