Strange dream last night....


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Ok I think this happened because I was talking to my mom about the church shooting in Ill. before I went to bed but here goes......

I was out in public someplace, still can not remember exactly were, when two guys come walking up to me. One turns and heads for someone else and the other comes right up to me. He comes up to me and says “give me all your money”, lifting his shirt to show me a gun. For some reason I didn't have my Kimber on me but had my KelTec P3AT in my front pocket. I said "Ok ok" reached into my pocket like I was complying, pulled my KelTec, side stepped, and pulled the trigger. All I hear is click. By then BG has pulled his and is returning firing. I'm retreating to cover, rack the slide and pull the trigger. Again Click. I do this again and again while retreating and finally the last round goes bang. BG turns runs a few steps and falls. I look over and see BG 2 now coming at me with a knife. I then realize I have an empty gun with several live round laying on the ground. I start running in circles while BG 2 is chasing me with a knife. Every time I come around to where the rounds are lying I bend down and grab one loading it in the mag. I get 3 loaded in the mag, rack it, stop, turn, and pull the trigger twice hitting hitting BG 2 and he falls. Then I wake up.

Strange dream……

What did you have for supper last night?:biggrin:

Well, I surfed all day out in the nice Florida sun then came home and had a chicken salad sub from Publix. So it was probably a combo: sub and two days out in the surf.
Should have carried a G30 as a BUG. That gun will eat just about anything. Only ammo problems I've had were when I used Isreali surplus "machine gun" ammo. :nono:

Just curious, but I have to ask.....
Did you get into that Hot sauce that Sheldon was posting in another thread?


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