Stopped in NC. Pine Knoll Shores PD is very professional.


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Hello all,

I was down in Atlantic beach for vacation a few weeks ago. As I was returning to our hotel one late evening, I was pulled over by the Pine Knoll Shores PD for having no light on my rear plate. Being from out of state I looked up NC firearm laws and knew I had to inform the Officer right away that I was a CCW holder and that I was currently carrying. The Officer (rookie) approached my driver side window , informed me why she had stopped me and asked for my Drivers License only. I handed her both my DL and CCW Permit and informed her I was carrying. She got this surprised look on her face and said,'OK Sir I will be right back!" As she walked backwards towards her Tahoe, i heard her say, " He gave my his CCW permit and says he has a gun." About 3 seconds later her Sgt. walked up to the window and said, " I understand you gave my officer your CCW Permit and you told her you are carrying a firearm. I replied that is correct. He said, " I appreciate you telling us right away and this will only take a moment. Please keep your hands on the wheel. You are going to receive a verbal warning for the light and we will get you on your way." 2 or 3 minutes later the female officer returned to the window, Explained I need to repair the light and that I was free to go as she handed me my DL and Permit. She also thanked me for informing them right away and this was her first experience with a CCW holder.

This was my first encounter with LEO since I began carrying concealed and I must say it was nice not being treated as a second class citizen.

Just thought I would share.


i was out for a drive a few weeks ago just going down roads i hadnt been on before. i was pulled over at 7:35 pm for not having my headlights on. was still day out. could see for miles. however i didnt argue with the officer. i informed him that i had a ccw but was not carrying atm. i had just gotten off work and was on my way home (the long way). the nc state po gave me a warning about the headlights, and then told me "if you have a ccw permit, you need to carry your weapon" i said it wont happen again officer, the headlights and the weapon. very professional, and polite before and after i informed him of ccw. this was prior to oct 1st when it wasnt legal for me to carry to work. now it is ;)

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