Stop Dangerous REAL ID in Nevada Your Action is Needed


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Imagine being forced to use a national identity card that functions as a driver's license but can be used to track you, control you and can be shut down like a credit card either by computer glitch, identity theft or because you are not compliant with some arcane federal regulation.

Imagine no more! It's all here with Dangerous ID! Dangerous ID (falsely called "Real ID") was snuck through Congress in 2005 as part of the so-called "War on Terror."

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First, promise not to vote for any politician who votes for any budget with any money in it to implement DANGEROUS ID the next time they run for any office.

Dangerous ID is an Link Removedthat will not stop terrrorism.

Dangerous ID is an unfunded federal mandate that will cost taxpaying Nevadans a fortune while punishing law-abiding gun owners.

Dangerous ID increases the likelihood of identity theft by storing personal and private data such as SS numbers, financial and medical information, and buying habits of gun owners on embedded Spy Chips that savvy computer con artists can read with the same wireless technology currently used at pass-through toll booths.

Your Representative must NOT vote for any budget with any money in it or the implementation of Dangerous ID, the so-called Real ID Act of 2005.

Don't let your Representative help nationalize your Nevada Drivers License.

Contact these committee members and tell them to Vote NO on Dangerous ID = REAL ID. Senate Bill 52 702-486-2626 or (775) 684-6827

This Thursday February 12th at 9:00 AM the Senate Energy, Infrastructure and Transportation Committee will be hearing SB52 REAL ID. Those in Southern Nevada can watch the committee at the Grant Sawyer Building in Las Vegas. Or you may view it here on the internet.

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Contact these committee members and tell them to Vote NO on Dangerous ID (REAL ID).

702-486-2626 or (775) 684-6827

Michael A. Schneider –
[email protected] 775-684-6502

Maggie Carlton
[email protected] 775-684-1431

John J. Lee
[email protected] 775-684-1424

Shirley A. Breeden
[email protected] 775-684-1457

Randolph J. Townsend
[email protected] 775-954-2020

Barbara K. Cegavske
[email protected] 775-684-1445

Dennis Nolan
[email protected] 775-684-1421

Again, Contact these committee members and tell them
to Vote NO on Dangerous ID (= REAL ID).

Say NO to gun Registration.
Say NO to Senate Bill 52.

Success Nevada SB52 (Real ID) Dead

Dear Mr. XXXXXX:

Thank you for contacting me to express your opposition to SB52, a bill to bring the state into line with terms of the federal Real ID Act. I very much appreciate receiving your views on this measure.

As you may know, currently no state is in compliance with the federal act, and 11 states have passed laws prohibiting implementation of Real ID. You will be pleased to learn that SB 52 died late yesterday evening as the Assembly adjourned its 2009 session.

Public input is a very important part of the legislative process. I sincerely appreciate your taking the time to contact me with your concerns.


Marilyn Dondero Loop
Assemblywoman District 5
401 South Carson Street
Carson City, NV 89701

775 684-8833 office
775 684-8533 fax
mdonderoloop at
Nevada Legislature

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