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Long story short, I have a friend that has found a unique rock, when he found it at first it was nothing special, but when he got it wet while placing it in his rock garden he realized it looked like a heart the only thing that has been done to this rock is he as sprayed it with a clear sealer.

This stone has been show to several doctors, nurse and cardiologist, and they all agree all the stuff is there, vessels, fat, connective tissues, multiple chambers, and they were in awe of it. Their opinions are of that is of a deer or pig, but definitely not human.

further that if this proves to be what it looks like, it would be the only one ever found there are no other example know to exist any place else in the world!

Next step is to find someplace to take it to have it looked at internally with out destructive means. You are privileged to be almost the first to see this, so have a look and say what you think of this amazing one of a kind Heart of stone..

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I'm not sure how to start this, so I'm going long version today....

Called the guy and we met at the place that has a CAT machine, at the receptionist we asked if we could use the machine to examine a very unique object, and she flat out said no we do not do that. I then asked if a tech or doctor was on site we could talk to, and she said sure.....
First out came the technician, and when she saw the stone she beamed a huge smile and said sure but she had to ask the doc first...

When he saw it he just kept rolling it over and over in his hand, finally saying "I want the machine set to (max) and give me 10 slices on this face", where as he turned to us and said "Our machine is not designed to look inside rocks, we may seen nothing, if we do that does not mean there is nothing just that we cannot see it...." and we were directed to the waiting room, when they finished they very carefully almost with reverence brought out the stone and handed it back.
It was less than 5 minutes later while we were discussing our next recourse should we need a stronger machine, where and who to go see when the gal came and said the images were ready to come on back, and she was smiling.....

As we went in the room I looked at here and said "is it any good?" and she said "Yes!"
The Doc was sitting at the screen just scrolling though the images with a real serious look on his face saying nothing, then after what seemed an eternity he looked at us and said "This is without a doubt a heart!"

He then proceeded to show us the chambers, how they were shaped, that they were the correct shapes, the heart valves, walls, and all the stuff that needs to be there for it to be a heart. He was to say the very least excited!!!

He explained that he had wished to be a paleontologist but this pays more, and when I requested a copy of the file he said it was on the way. We got his name and signature on some documents showing what had transpired, and left with our adrenalin levels very high….

This is now no longer just a rock but a mineralized heart, one of a kind, none others known to be in existence, a huge and important discovery, and it feels like we won the lottery…

For those of you that were naysayers want some salt to eat your words with…….
Keep us informed on what happens now. This is very interesting. I wonder how it kept the colors intact during mineralization?

How much does it weigh? How big is it?

btw, great pics!
That is awesome! I'll bet every geologist and cardiologist in the world is going to want to get their hands on it!
One more thing, yes I have my CCW and as soon as I realized just how much this could now be worth, I went condition red....

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