stolen rem. 700


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Good morning guys, just out looking for my rifle. Keep your eyes open if you dont mind.
Thanks, Aaron

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I'm one that is definitely against SPAM but I fail to see where this is SPAM. It look to me to be a legit site trying to provide a service that stems from having a rifle stolen. I don't see where he is making any money from his site. If you see something I don't see, please post it.
Not that they couldnt do it but would the US government or Brady Bunch or whoever really go to the trouble of creating a fake camospace with photoshopped hunting pics to gather up serials of stolen guns. I mean come on. Anybody that has ever had one stolen wants all the eyes out there looking for it. Its that simple. I'm as real as it gets, try some of my links out if you wish. Give Whitaker guns a call and they will tell you that I have physically walked in there many times, or beter yet call my sheriff to see if I actually made a police report on the rifle. His contact info is at the end of the vid. It is what it is. There was absolutley no way to get the word out to the firearms community that my rifle was stolen so here we are. As far as making money goes, nope I aint made a dime but if we ever do it would be off of adds. The service is staying FREE to those who want to use it. Just for the record I wouldnt be ashamed or feel bad if I did. This is still America aint it. I'm not running for mayor here so if anyone doesn't like the idea or me thats ok. So far the people that have had a gun stolen seem to appreciate us. Thanks for the comment Red Hat.


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