Stimulus Won't Infringe on Second Amendment Rights, Says NRA


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Some good news for now at least.

Stimulus Won't Infringe on Second Amendment Rights, Says NRA
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We have been hearing many rumors, and receiving many inquiries, about "buried" provisions in the federal economic stimulus bill that would negatively affect our Second Amendment rights. People have claimed the bill would designate interstate highways as national parks, or impose ammunition encoding and new ammunition taxes. Fortunately, and contrary to what you may have heard, there are no provisions in this bill prohibiting firearms or ammunition anywhere, or for anyone.

The only reference in the bill to firearms is a provision authorizing funds for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives' (BATFE) "Project Gunrunner," which is a program that enforces existing laws to reduce smuggling of firearms from the United States to Mexico. This program imposes no new restrictions on gun owners, and if it did, we can assure you we would take swift action.

Needless to say, NRA, as a single-issue organization, takes no position on the economic stimulus legislation as a whole.

For more information and to view the legislation yourself, you can visit The site features a convenient search function and covers every version of the legislation.


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I would be very careful about taking the word of the NRA, an organization that has claimed, for 125 years, to "fight" for our Second Amendment rights - all the while compromising with lawmakers so that, with every new law, we seem to lose even more of our rights. The NRA isn't what it claims to be.

The stimulus bill, as written, has not been read in its entirety by anyone, including Congress, from what I've read about it, so far. So, I would wonder about any such sweeping statements, no matter what source they came from. I have even seen some pages reprinted from the original document, showing that the legislators working on this bill are in such a hurry to pass it that they have left it in its drafts form, complete with pencil-marked revisions because they couldn't be bothered to even re-type, re-print and re-submit it.

There are several bad things that have been found in the bill, so far, but, this is all beside the point. The main function of this bill is a con job, in the first place, for you can't "stimulate" an inflated economy by introducing ever more inflation, which is what this bill will do. Sen. Ron Paul is on record as stating so in Congressional testimony.

To really understand what is behind this bill - and more importantly, what and who is behind our government, I recommend viewing the following video, entitled The Money Masters:

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