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a friend and I went to lake michigan on friday to check and see if anything is biting yet.. we got there and the wind was blowing strong and cold. we walked out on a pier and I baited up and threw it in. the wind was bringing in some good waves that were crashing onto the pier and getting us a bit damp. that combined with the cold wind coming off the lake didn't let us stay out very long. we got back to the car and had to thaw out our fingers before we left... unfortunately it looks like it is still a little too cold for any good fishing there. no one else had any luck while we were there either even though they were better dressed for the coldness. but man am I getting excited for fishing again!!!

You sound like the my Grandguy, S/C. He Came over Friday and wanted me to drop everything and put fresh line on two reels.. Yesterday he caught 2, 18" Northerns...
It's been in the 70's here, and the Cobia tournament just ended. There's a Sailfish tournament in a week or two, and the company's annual Bass tournament is next month.
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just looked at my post at the top from 1 year ago and have to say that... holy crap it's warm this year already!!! I bought my 2010 license yesterday, checked all my gear, made a small list of things I need for this year and I am getting really ichy for some fishing! was going to go yesterday with a buddy of mine but like a dork he changed his plans at the last minute... gonna have to give him a beating for that:). as I write this I am feeling a nice breeze coming in the window andseeing how nice and sunny it is! 75 degrees right now... I need to get outta here!

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