Sticky for holster links?


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Thank you for all the responses. I have not found a holster that I am looking for at this time but I will come up with something.

I read this forum often but have posted seldom. I am learning much and thank you all.



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Thank you for your response. That is getting closer to what I was looking for. However I don't have a place to hook it to in my truck.

I was thinking about something that would bolt to the footing of the seat and come up beside the seat and have a holster attached to it. Then I can just reach down on the right side of the drivers seat for the my XDS 45. I have it in my head but can't find anything as to what I am imagining. This is much closer.

Again thanks for the post.



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I think this is as close as you'll get they also have them that bolt to seat tracks but are pre made for jeeps.... I would contact them they may make others or be able to make you one you want for vehicle.

If it were me I would just go off there design and make one. So i could some money..

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Good Looking and great fitting Holsters by a Texas based company!

it's been over month and I have to say, my new Versacarry Commander 18 has been a delight to carry my 40 Cal FN as well as my Sig P320. if interested check them out here for great deals and holster that holster more than one type of pistol. 👉 RemovedLink Removed

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