Steve Crower on Detroit

Really an heart warming video. :angry: IIRC, the only employer hiring is the government. Too bad the liberals seem to have blinders on and can't see the results of their socialistic moves.

Many of the middle class manufacturing jobs have moved out of the country. Could higher union wages forced these manufacture's to move these jobs? Let's face the fact that people earning less than the UAW workers can't afford to buy new cars. Plus there is the fact that the labor unions have been major contributors to the Democratic party.

It's a fact that higher wages/health care costs create higher product prices. When overseas producers have their cheaper wage products brought into the country, people can better afford these products vs. the same made in USA more expensive products.

I'm not against labor unions, but sometimes I get the feeling they are trying to out do other unions with wage /benefit increases.

I'm currently 71 years old and I feel like this country is in a power dive into the hard frozen ground. So I'm keeping my powder dry and hoping we can hang on until the 2010 elections. I didn't vote for the comedian or the former Hennepin Cty Attorney. This health care fiasco brought the worst out in Congress.

Bah, humbug! :mad:

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