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I purchased one of these last year after reading a number of reviews and posts that all seemed to claim it was the most comfortable IWB holster they had worn. I was considering the Crossbreed supper tuck and the Alien gear IWB holsters as well and decide on the StealthGear. I have a Sig p239, which is a compact but relatively heavy gun at about 30 oz unloaded.

I have been very pleased with the holster. It is very comfortable. While I feel the weight of the gun on my hip (4-5 o'clock), I do not have any chaffing, rubbing, sweating, or hot spots. The holster breaths well and has enough cushioning to take the edges off of the gun. The kydex holster fit perfectly and provided good retention. I can turn the holster upside down and the gun remains in the holster, yet slides out easily when drawn. I recently installed a Crimson Trace hand grip laser and it has fit without modification.

I changed out the standard clips on the Holster for Ulticlips (available directly from Stealthgear). They clip to the top of the waist band of my pants instead of hooking into the belt. With my belt in place over the clips, there is almost nothing visible to indicate the holster inside the waist band. The clips have a very solid grip and I still wear a stiff gun belt for support. This arrangement has worked very well for me.

I have been very happy with this setup and would not hesitate to purchase another holster for my next carry gun.
I've got one for my Shield 9mm. I love it, I sometimes have a little trouble re holstering because it
does ride so tight in against my body, but it conceals extremely well, draws great and is very comfortable.
I have N82 pro for my Full size M&P .40 and I must say it really is a toss up between the 2 for me
with the Stealth just edging out the N82.
Just put in an order for their new "Flex" OWB holster. Pricey, but I spend that on ammo without even thinking about it.
A good holster sticks around. I've been wearing the Onyx daily for a couple of months now and have zero complaints
so I figured I'd give one of these a try.
Flex arrived about a week ago and I must say I'm very impressed wit it. It's super comfy (this is with a shield)
and even conceals pretty well for an OWB holster. it rides very high and tight so an oversized sweatshirt will hide it completely.
Even a large Tee shirt will work.
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How long did it take you to get them? I ordered mine on Saturday and it says 45 days or so...I was wondering if they are running any quicker than that by chance?
got an email from Stealth gear today they have come out with an even smaller version of the Onyx
"The most requested addition to the line-up, the new IWB-Mini is an updated version of our original ONYX IWB
Holster featuring a more narrow profile for those seeking a holster with a smaller footprint. "
With a Shield the Onyx is small enough I'd love to compare this new one with the ONYX?

oh and still absolutely loving the "Flex" :)
S&W just released the shield in a .45 that has a slightly larger footprint to it than the 9.
If I pick one of those up , I will try this new "mini " ONYX
@kmanick let us know how you like it. I'm considering one for my 380 colt.. just don't know about using one for a bigger pistol.

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I recently picked up a Springfield XDM 3.8 .45 and I ordered a Flex for it.
the Flex has become far , my favorite holster. It's summer here in Boston now , so I am using my Onyx and a smart Carry (occasionally)
pretty much all the time (still love the Onyx but I like the flex even better)
As soon as it becomes Sweatshirt weather I'll go back to the Flex.
Love the stealth gear . Long but reasonable wait. Alamo tactical said they have 1 guy making small kydex minimalist IWB. Waited for months/ still waiting. When I emailed to express impatience,I got a snarky answer. I apologized just to get the holster but I think I'm being singled out to wait even longer. Not best business practices.
Hmmm I have 3 of their holsters now with a mini on order. last Flex I bought only took 25 days to arrive.
I've had the exact opposite customer service experience.

Love mine.

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