Staying In the Fight… Even When Shot.

Staying In the Fight… Even When Shot.
September 1st, 2008

Here is a GREAT video, narrated by Carl Weathers and filmed to train US Marines in what to do when hit by enemy fire.
Although you may not ever patrol the streets of Baghdad with a group of Marines, the mindset and emergency treatment techniques required to survive a life threatening wound and stay in the fight to win is of great value to anyone who carries a gun.
This is an excellent training video that will show you proper team tactics and tactical movement…
It will also give you a very strong appreciation of the dangers our young men and women of the Armed Services face in protecting our freedom.

WARNING: This is a very professionally produced and realistic video dealing with battlefield trauma and as such is quite graphic.

YouTube - IFAK First Aid

Maybe if I walked around wearing body armor, driving a Humvee in a desert filled with IEDs...

Seriously, though, this is an excellent video. Thanks for sharing.
beyond the value of training in a field situation, this drives home just what our guys face everyday!!!!

thanks for the post.:victory:

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