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On our SC page you might add that we must inform LE that we are armed.

Informing Law Enforcement of Carry: Must inform
Don't you think it's deceptive to write that Wisconsin prohibits carrying handguns for protection, when in fact open carry is legal there? Several may issue states, such as Hawaii, New Jersey, and New York City, where it is virtually impossible for average citizens to obtain carry permits, and which don't allow unlicensed open carry, are in fact more restrictive than Wisconsin. Its lack of a concealed carry law, by itself, should not be enough for you to make it appear worse than the aforementioned people's republics, which are de facto no issue, no carry states.
I had actually changed that on Wisconsin and Illinois so that it says they don't issue permits. I removed what used to be there from my initial post in this thread since the pages didn't have that on there.

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