Starting concealed carry and 2nd amendment group in Seattle


Former Military Police
Name is Mike former military police officer. I am starting an actual concealed carry and 2nd amendment group here in Seattle. With the mayor trying to ban guns on all city property it is time we got something going. I plan on making it a physical group as well and to go to different ranges together, city council meetings, do fund raisers for charitable orgs. and other activities as weather permits to show that we are not in the same category as criminals as the mayor makes us out to be. If interested please contact me. I talked to the mayor the other day and he basically said he is going to do what he wants concerning concealed carry and banning guns. Let's do this thing and make our voices heard

I wish you all the luck in your efforts, Mike. It only takes someone like you to make a difference. Most people just set by and complain. I hope you get a lot of response on your organization. Keep us informed on what happens!
I applaud you and your efforts, however, I have a question. Is concealed carry the only form of RKBA you plan to promote? What about open carry? I would hope that you would be more of a pro 2A organization that does not promote one one form of carry over another. As long as citizens exercise the right responsibly, how they choose to exercise it should not matter right?
I plan to promote the whole range of the 2nd amendment rights to even include open carry. Since I firmly believe that the right to keep and bare arms is exactly that. Weather by concealed permit or open carry weather in your home or out in public bare arms means just exactly that. I believe that concealed permits are in that group as well and i know they are going to go after our permits next. Ty for everything
you definately get a lot of support around here. let us know if anything can be done by out-of-staters!
you definately get a lot of support around here. let us know if anything can be done by out-of-staters!
I really appreciate all the support from everyone. I will never give up the fight. As of yet I have not gotten any response from anyone here in Seattle that would like to join. Still I am pressing forward and have even posted on craigs list in their group area. There are a lot of people with permits here they just have to step forward like all of you have and come together as one to stand up for our God given right to keep and bear arms. Thanks again and anything you can do is greatly and eternally appreciated.
One thing I will do once I can get a group established here in Seattle is form and get other groups going across the United States and reach out from border to border. A nation wide organization of great people like yourself will be an asset and a blessing. I have gotten more support from this forum than from others i belong to and you people come first. If you have friends in Seattle or talk to anyone from here that are for 2nd amendment rights and concealed carry and other aspects of it please get the word out. Together we will be an addition to the NRA and 2nd amendment foundation and we will spearhead the way to ensure that concealed carry will remain part of the 2nd amendment.

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