Starting 2nd amendment and concealed group in Seattle


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Name is Mike former military police officer. I am starting an actual concealed carry and 2nd amendment group here in Seattle. With the mayor trying to ban guns on all city property it is time we got something going. I plan on making it a physical group as well and to go to different ranges together, city council meetings, do fund raisers for charitable orgs. and other activities as weather permits to show that we are not in the same category as criminals as the mayor makes us out to be. If interested please contact me. I talked to the mayor the other day and he basically said he is going to do what he wants concerning concealed carry and banning guns. Let's do this thing and make our voices heard


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Seattle group


As a former LEO myself, I am interested in your activities. Please keep me informed on what you are doing. I live in Lacey and will do what I am able to in order to back you up. Keep your head down, partner.


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Seattle Group Information

Name of the group is Citizens For The 2nd Amendment. We will be having our 2nd meeting in Sept. on the 20th. At the I-Hop located at 14747 NE 20th St in Bellevue Wa. at 10 am and then going from there to Wade's Gun shop/range to shoot. I have been working with the Seattle Weekly newspaper and they just did the photo shoot for the article which is coming out next week. We had out 1st meeting Aug. 9th with about 6 people and have grown to 15 at this point. Anyone interested in joining is welcome and it is the hope and dreams of this group to become an organization fully operating within 1 year. If you want to contact me directly just send me a line at [email protected] This is a first for Seattle and I kook forward to growing and not only protecting our 2nd amendment rights but changing the perspective of how people view us who legally carry.


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Glad to see that your organization is off to a good start. Have you told any of your members about this site?


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I'm glad to see you getting the group going Mike. I think it's important for the citizens make their cause known. I live on Whidbey Island and avoid the city as much as possible, but I might be able to make a trip or two for such a good cause.


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I appreciate all the support here on this site. I have put the word out that this site is a great place to view with a lot of great information and backing. I belong to several forum's and they have been an asset to not only our rights but to getting the word out as well. My goal for this year and next year is to become a full organization that is up and running to be a strong force here in Seattle for our 2nd amendment rights. We plan on taking on the mayor here head on over his illegal ban on guns. Thanks again for all the support.

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